Shayla Thiel-Stern

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Shayla Thiel-Stern's, From the Dance Hall to Facebook: Teen Girls, Mass Media, and Moral Panic in the United States, 1905-2010 (University of Massachusetts Press, 2014) analyzes the portrayal of teenage girls throughout the past century.  Her book details the misrepresentation of young girls in the media as either out of control and in need of saving, or as whores in need of disciplining.  Whether these reports were distributed through newspaper accounts or television news channel stories, the message has been the same over the past century; teenage girls are morally unstable and their public voices are not to be valued.  Theil-Stern travels through time, analyzing reports on girls at dance halls, at track and field events, at Elvis Presley concerts and on social media websites, such as Facebook, highlighting the differences between how these reports portrayed the teen girls and how teen girls viewed their own experiences.

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