Sonya AtalayCommunity-Based Archaeology: Research With, By, and For Indigenous and Local Communities

University of California Press, 2012

by Lindsay Foster on April 8, 2015

Sonya Atalay

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In Community-Based Archaeology: Research with, by, and for Indigenous and Local Communities (University of California Press, 2012), UMass professor and author Sonya Atalay emphasizes the importance of including and listening to the indigenous communities that are involved in archeological studies.  Atalay describes the innumerable benefits that arise when researchers include natives in their research process.  She emphasizes that the knowledge attained from these locals cannot be gained by simply reading about and observing their community without interacting with them.  Atalay addresses the challenges involved in this type of community based participatory research but still manages to prove that these obstacles are worth overcoming.  Atalay undoubtedly proves that community based participatory research produces the most genuine results and helps to foster beneficial relationships between researchers and the communities they study.

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