Marla R. MillerBetsy Ross and the Making of America

St. Martin’s Press, 2011

by Lindsey Foster on March 26, 2015

Marla R. Miller

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Marla R. Miller’s, Betsy Ross and the Making of America (St. Martin’s Press, 2011) provides readers deep insight into the life of Betsy Ross who grew up in a politically turbulent period in America.  Previously to to this publication there was very little known about Betsy Ross besides the often-repeated tale that she was the maker of the American flag.  Miller not only presents the evidence that this story is based on but also uncovers the lesser known details of Betsy’s life,  illuminating her strong and resilient nature that shocked the Quaker community in which she was raised.  Miller’s work quickly reveals that Betsy should be remembered for much more than her contribution to the creation of our American flag.

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