Laura Lovett Books

Laura Lovett is an author from Canada and has some really amazing books!

She recently released the psychological thriller Losing Cadence.  The story starts off about a high school romance between Cadence and Richard.  They eventually have to part ways because they go to different universities, and you can tell theres something a little fishy going wrong in Richard’s head.

Fast -forward ten years later and Cadence has forgotten about Richard completely.  She has an amazing marriage to a new guy she met at University name Christian and couldn’t be happier.  Then out of the blue she is kidnapped by Richard and held hostage in his mansion.  He professes his love for her and has all kinds of plans to keep her forever.  To find out if she escapes you will have to read it yourself.

In summary, the book is filled with intense twists and suspense.  Its definitely a page turner that I had alot of trouble putting down.

If you are looking for a good book for the summer I would definitely recommed Losing Cadence or some other books from Lovett.  Don’t forget there is also a sequel in the works, so you can expect an entire saga to come.  Who knows maybe it will also be a movie some day.

Laura also has many other books such as ‘When we were to be free’.  This is a great non-fiction book that deals with interesting issues in the 1970s.

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