Benefits of Reading

I have been on an info-graphic binge lately and this one about the benefits of reading is really well done.

The graphic starts off by going into the details of how reading can reduce stress.  This is accurate in most cases but will depend on what you are reading.  If you read horror or scary books you might be better off not reading anything to keep stress low.  Also reading a math textbook might not be particularly relaxing.

It then goes on to say that exercising is 300% more stressful than reading.  What kind of stress? I’m pretty sure that after a long workout you will be very relaxed however during the workout of course the body is going to have a high heart rate.  The ideal situation will be to do your ‘stressful’ exercise, and then once the dopamine is released lay back and read a nice book.

Next, reading increases intelligence through building vocabulary and empathy.  Basically a book allows you to live in other times and see through others eyes. For an extra stretch try learning a new language and then reading a book in that language.

The benefits of reading are pretty obvious and clear after reading this infographic.  I have yet to meet an uninteresting reader.

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