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Reading in the dark is a common problem in the dormitories of my university.  Some students want to go to bed early and need the lights off, while others(like me) want to keep reading till dawn.  This creates a conflict, how can we read in the dark?

Some people resort to using their phones as a light source.  This works to an extent, however the phone emits an natural screen light that can be hard on the eyes and prevent us from falling asleep later on.  In addition, the light from a phone isn’t strong enough and its necessary to strain your eyes.  For me, my eyes begin to hurt after 5 minutes of reading with a phone light.

The best solution I found is getting a book light that attaches to my book and does all the reading for me.

I highly recommend a model that comes with a natural light source, that is, a non led book light which mimics the light of the sun.  This will keep you from going all bug eyed as you try to fall asleep.  If the book light has adjustable brightness you can dim it as the night progresses so you get more tired.  This is because as light decreases our body releases more and more melatonin, which creates the feeling of sleepiness.

Styles and Colors of Book Light

You don’t have to get a plain silver book light reader either, they come in many styles and colors!  I have seen the following styles at barnes & noble:

  • A bright blue turquoise metallic
  • A wooden finish for an even more natural feeling
  • Rainbows & polka dots
  • French, British, and German flag designs
  • Exteriors with the harry potter characters

To find one thats best for you I recommend going to a big book store near you.  If you don’t have one of those you can try browsing around online until you find the best book light for your situation.  You don’t have to get just one either, its nice to have a back up in case the light breaks.  Luckily they are cheap at around $5-$15 each.

Final Thoughts

If you are a reader and you don’t have a book light you are missing out on one of the best tools around.  Not only can you use it in your bedroom but it allows you to read while camping, or exploring the campus grounds.

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